Delivering Futural Conference Solutions: Why is Ledman’s Interactive Conference AIO Far Ahead?

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Why do COB and Micro LED emerge from the multi-technology competition a winner?



Ledman has launched Interactive Conference AIO, available in three standard sizes, namely 110, 138, and 165 inches. LED display, with the unique technological advantages of seamless splicing and installation, helps overcome many difficulties facing users in equipment installation, producing good market results.


To lead the industry in core technologies is the key to delivering eye-catching smart conference solutions


It is not an easy task to be the leading provider of futural display products for smart office and smart commerce, as well as conference and digital office scenarios. As one of the global pioneers in LED conference all-in-one machine market, Ledman has always committed itself to delivering “innovative and best” products to meet the constantly improving needs of customers for “high-quality experience”.


Ledman’s LED Interactive Conference AIO is powered by advanced technologies such as COB technology, Micro LED technology, intelligent technology, touch-control technology, and a massive amount of professional application software and hardware.



Incessant pursuit of excellence points to a brighter future of Ledman’s Interactive Conference AIO 


Since 2019 when Ledman became the first to release COB-powered Interactive Conference AIO in the world, the brand has achieved continuous product innovation and technological iteration, driving the accelerated growth of the industrial market. Recently, Martin Lee, Chairman and President of Ledman, told the media that Ledman Interactive Conference AIO can well meet the digital transformation needs of future industries, such as conferences and remote work. These products have achieved “technological success” and are moving towards “commercial success”.



When addressing the issue of sustained commercialization of the Interactive Conference AIO market, Mr. Lee pointed out that what matters most is still “technological innovation”. For example, in 2020, Ledman launched its independently patented “pixel sharing engines technology”, a technology featuring high definition and low cost, and a technology that can drive faster commercialization of products such as all-in-one machines that are highly sensitive to resolution and cost. The pixel sharing engines technology now represents one of the core innovation orientations imitated by many competitors in the industry.


Ledman’s Interactive Conference AIO has great potential for a bright market in the future


As a pioneer and leader, Ledman continues to accelerate the launch of products such as Interactive Conference AIO Since 2023, Ledman has, via various flexible promotion methods, built up quick connection with user end of various conference rooms. On the channel side, it redoubles efforts to expand ecological partners in major provincial capitals/municipalities across the country, establish overseas market branches, and train overseas channel partners, with major breakthroughs made through fanning out from point to area.


As one of the leaders in this field, Ledman, while working on technological breakthroughs and competitive innovation, has worked out forward-looking layouts to meet the needs of future conference multimedia for experience upgrading. And it is bound to register sustained high-quality growth on a new racetrack.