Full Series, Full Scene, Full Coverage | Ledman UHD Display Products Amaze ISE 2024

Ledman amazed the ISE exhibition with its star products, such as Super COB(Pixel  Sharing Engines technology), Interactive Education AIO, UHD household giant video wall and creative magic cube screen, with its full-scene UHD display applications and solutions attracting the attention of global customers active in AV system integration, commercial display, advertising, and education.






Indoor display series and solutions Eye-catching products


Ledman, coupled with diversified creative contents, exhibited multiple products which, suitable for indoor display, indoor leasing, indoor commercial display, and other fields, and striding across different point spacing, dimensions, and multiple technical routes, satisfy the application needs of customers from different industries around the world in various scenarios.



Super COB(Pixel Sharing Engines technology), a flagship product of Ledman powered by the brand’s independent, patented inverted COB advanced technology and pixel sharing engines technology, stands out as a “more glamorous, colder, more economical, and more stable” product. Not only is it highly cost-effective, but it balances display performance and cost. The use experience of the product leaves many customers an impression that the cold screen, capable of energy-saving by 50%, is highly innovative and excellent.



The indoor leasing UHD display that is easily disassemble and durable, the inverted COB UHD display screen of high brightness and reliability, and the flexible and adaptive creative magic-cube screen brought ultra-clear visual enjoyment and technological experience to global customers.




Ledman Interactive Education AIO

Touch-control interaction delivers a brand-new experience


This year saw Ledman, a regular participant of ISE, debut the interactive education AIO, an eye-catching exhibit at the exhibition. The visitors present, who had never before seen such an innovative product that represent a major technical breakthrough, rushed to experience its functions such as same screen writing and quarter screen writing. And the teaching scenarios of “full immersion, strong interaction, and high real-time” earned incessant admiration.




The interactive education AIO, consisting of a smart education all-in-one machine and double-sided whiteboard, performs rich functions such as intelligent screen mirroring, multi-touch, unbounded scaling, whiteboard writing, and split screen writing. It is applicable to various scenarios such as large and medium-sized multimedia classrooms, tiered classrooms, lecture halls, and training centers, where it can promote the digital upgrading of education.


UHD household giant video wall

Micro LED display and ultimate audiovisual experience


Ledman, one of the few manufacturers of home display products showing up at ISE, is proud that its 138-inch Micro LED UHD household giant video wall became the highlight at the exhibition. The product excels in brightness, resolution, color gamut, anti-blue light, energy saving, response speed, and service life. Supporting modular packaging and transportation, it can easily enter the house without lifting machines or removing doors and windows.




ISE, the first large exhibition of the new year of great popularity, showcases the positive market potential and confidence for 2024. Ledman, well prepared, presented the hardcore strength of its products and technical innovation to global customers, earning market acclaim.