Go with Ledman for Assured Quality! Ledman’s First COB Display Project Operates for 6 Years with Zero Maintenance

The industry has recently shown particular concern for the quality and safety of LED products. Since its establishment 20 years ago, Ledman has been dedicated to providing customers with top-tier LED display products and solutions. In a groundbreaking move, Ledman introduced and began mass production of its Micro LED UHD Display products using innovative COB integrated packaging technology in 2018. This product offers unbeatable six-star protection, earning us market acclaim and customer kudos in real-world applications.


The first project of Ledman’s COB UHD display product, namely the Ledman COB UHD display for the intelligent analysis command center of Shanghai Group, has been in operation for 6 years. Over the past 6 years, the Ledman COB UHD displays have shouldered the task of monitoring and dispatching bus operations across urban Shanghai areas (excluding suburban lines and Pudong New Area), delivering clear visuals, stable and reliable performance, and requiring no maintenance post-installation, ensuring quality that is guaranteed. They have garnered significant accolades and commendations from relevant persons-in-charge of Shanghai Group.



Consistently striving ahead, Ledman has ceaselessly advanced in product R&D and innovation, rigorously adhering to national industry standards while committing to enhancing product quality management. This commitment guarantees clients a selection of displays that embody reliability and stand as a testament to impeccable quality!


Ledman’s recent launch, the COB UHD energy-saving ice screen, harnesses patented Pixel Sharing Engines Technology and cutting-edge COB advancements. With a surface temperature of merely 31.6°C and exceptional heat dissipation capabilities, this screen optimizes integrated circuits and display technologies. Thus, it boasts a 50% energy-saving advantage over comparable products, significantly curtailing costs while ensuring both economic and safety benefits.


Furthermore, adhering to Ledman’s molding technology roadmap, the COB UHD energy-saving ice screen boasts optimal protective properties. Its surface is resistant to organic solvents, humidity, and combustion—having passed the rigorous British Standard BS476-7 Surface Spread of Flame Class 2 certification. It also exhibits excellent resistance to decay, and adds collision, electrostatic, fog, moisture, dust, and water resistance to its repertoire, thus being adaptable to a wide range of usage scenarios.