Ledman Pixel Sharing Engines Technology is authorized by patent offices of countries overseas

Recently, Ledman received authorization notices from IP Australia, Japan Patent Office, and Canadian Intellectual Property Office that “Pixel structure, display panel and display apparatus” and other patents have passed their substantive examination and the patent certificates will be issued and announced soon. It marks the important progress and phased achievements in patent applications in other countries overseas by Ledman Pixel Sharing Engines Technology, following the patent authorization from China National Intellectual Property Administration.

Ledman Pixel Sharing Engines Technology, based on the theory of spatial color mixing and the visual characteristics of human eyes, by adding a small amount of a specific light color LED chip to a specific physical location on the substrate, and coupled with subpixel multiplexing algorithm and subpixel sampling technology, can greatly improve the display resolution. Given the current demand for Micro LED mass production, it is highly likely that Pixel Sharing Engines Technology is the best-combined upgrade technology capable of delivering a high-performance, high-resolution Micro LED display solution at a low cost.

So far, Ledman has obtained patent authorization from the United States, Europe, Canada, the United Kingdom, South Korea, Japan, Australia, Russia and other countries, marking the international recognition of Ledman’s UHD display products and technologies. It is also an important step in strengthening Ledman’s independent intellectual property rights and protecting core patented technologies. It will further enhance the competitiveness of the Chinese brand in the international arena.
Ledman, with a constant focus on technology, innovation-driven development, and the protection of intellectual property rights, is constantly striving to improve and strengthen its core competitiveness. At present, Ledman has 19 years of encapsulation R&D and manufacturing experience, 18 years of LED display R&D and manufacturing experience, and 9 years of Micro LED R&D and manufacturing experience. It has more than 400 patents at home and abroad, covering the structure, encapsulation, pixel arrangement, control, interaction and other aspects of Micro LED display products. These patent achievements have accumulated momentum for Ledman’s future development, contributing to the technological advancement of UHD display products, the company’s core competitiveness, and its high-quality development.