Ledman Torshare Technology’s “High Bay Light” was authorized by the U.S. invention patent.

Recently, Ledman’s wholly-owned subsidiary, Shenzhen Torshare Technology Co., Ltd ( Torshare Technology), has been authorized by U.S. invention patent(Patent No.: US 11,774,083 B2) for its self-developed “12th-Generation High Bay Light”, which is an important step forward in the internationalization of intellectual property.



High Bay Light, also known as High bay luminaires, are energy-efficient LED lamps that can be widely used in industrial plant, production workshop, supermarket, sports and entertainment facilities, and warehouse, etc. In the prior art, High Bay Light usually use direct contact heat sink fin to dissipate heat, but this structure can’t fit well with the angle of the lamp shell, low structural strength and poor heat dissipation effect.

The “12th generation of High Bay Lights” independently developed by Torshare Technology utilizes a unique design scheme, including the external shell, heat dissipation plate, heat sink fin, light source board, power supply and light transmittance parts and other devices, which provides a targeted solution to the technical problem of low structural strength and poor heat dissipation of High Bay Lights.

Compared with the traditional technology, the key feature of the utility model technical solution of Torshare Technology is the structural design between the heat dissipation plate and the external shell, which forms a ring groove channel conducive to air circulation. This channel has a vertical slope upward space, similar to a chimney. Utilizing the chimney effect enhances the rate of air convection in the ring groove channel, thereby accelerating the rate of heat dissipation.



It is worth mentioning that the heat sink fin, external shell and heat dissipation plate are molded in one-piece die-casting, which not only improves the strength of the overall structure, but also helps to enhance the heat dissipation effect. The application of this lighting fixture will make the problem of low structural strength and poor heat dissipation of the existing High Bay Light be effectively solved.

U.S. Patents

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