Ledman Wins the Bidding for the China Media Group 8K UHD Video Production and Broadcasting Platform Project with its 8K 163-inch Micro LED Household Giant Video Wall

Recently, Ledman emerged from the open bidding as a successful bidder at the procurement project of key technology and equipment related to application promotion public service platform for 8K UHD video production and broadcasting at China Media Group, with the 8K 163-inch Micro LED household giant video wall,  its independently developed product, winning the favor of CCTV headquarters.




Currently, as the development of the UHD video display industry becomes one of the national priorities, both the central and local governments have introduced plans and policies to boost the growth of the UHD video display industry. The “Guiding Opinions on Accelerating the High-quality Development of the Audiovisual and Electronic Industry” jointly issued by 7 ministries, including the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, in 2023 stresses the need to implement the 4K/8K UHD household registration action, accelerate the development and application of 4K/8K UHD technology, and boost home use of products such as 4K/8K televisions, laser TVs, and virtual reality terminals.


The giant video wall is the world’s first home display terminal product boasting 8K resolution in the form of Micro LED within a size specification of 163 inches, up to the high standards and strict requirements of CCTV headquarters in business, technology, and service.


The giant video wall, a product powered by over 100 independent patented technologies of Ledman, excels in brightness, resolution, color gamut, anti-blue light, energy saving, response speed, and service life. It supports 8K@120fps local video decoding, AVS3 standard decoding, and HDR vid standard. Equipped with a powerful intelligent kernel and rich external interfaces, it satisfies the needs of different application scenarios. Extremely user-friendly in installation, it can easily enter the house without lifting machines or removing doors and windows.


The bid-winning giant video wall product will be applied to the Lugu office area of the China Media Group, providing 8K UHD display effects and rich interactive experiences for the corresponding scenes in the office area, and playing a demonstrating role in UHD video application practice and other aspects. The application of 8K display terminals on CCTV will accelerate the upgrading and development of the 8K UHD video display industry, which is of great significance for the rapid development of the industry.


Ledman, a devoted veteran in the 8K UHD video industry and promoter of the development of 8K, has seen its Micro LED UHD display products perform excellently at the first trial broadcast of CCTV’s 8K UHD channel, and multiple cultural and sports 8K live broadcasts, such as the Spring Festival Gala and Winter Olympics. Also, it has rolled out giant curtain wall series for the C-end consumer market, making “8K” gradually part of people’s lives and consumption, thus effectively promoting the popularization and application of 8K UHD home display products.