Ledman Wins the “Smart Campus Solution Comprehensive Strength Excellence Award”

Recently, Smart Campus CIO 2024 was successfully held in Shanghai. The event brought together over 500 delegates, including experts and industry leaders from nearly 200 universities across the country, including Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Fudan University, East China Normal University, Central South University, Shanghai University of Finance and Economics, as well as education industry solution providers, who discussed the latest trends of digital education and shared their experience.


At the scene, Ledman exhibited the interactive education AIO, a system designed for large classroom, lecture hall and multi-function hall and other application scenarios in campus. At the award ceremony of Lingyun Award & Outstanding Personnel Commendation, Ledman stood out among many selected enterprises with its product innovation technical strength in the field of education and practical experience in the industry, winning the “Smart Campus Solution Comprehensive Strength Excellence Award”.



For the “Lingyun Award”, a judging committee composed of professionals from industry education associations, expert committees of smart campus, media organizations and other parties discuss and select the shortlist for each award, which is followed by review and voting to produce the final list of winners.


Ledman interactive education AIO, an integrated, systematic solutions designed and developed for intelligent education scenarios, boasts such functions as intelligent screen, free scaling, four-split-screen whiteboard, smart interconnection, multi-party interaction, and online teaching. It effectively solves poor display effect, lack of interactive function and other pain points with display products currently used in the middle and large classrooms, filling the gap in the market.



Ledman interactive education AIO, known for its supersize, UHD, humanized intelligent interaction, and aerospace-level quality, responds effectively to the demand of digital teaching in modern universities, earning unanimous acclaim from on-site college teachers, education experts and industry representatives. “Amid the accelerated development of digital education, not only does the system play a pioneering application demonstration role, but it also shows powerful leading position and a future of great promise.”