Ledman works harder on intellectual property layout in the field of LED UHD video display to promote the development of new quality productive forces

Intellectual property, the most valuable intellectual achievement in the innovation chain and industrial chain, plays an important role in driving industrial innovation and upgrading as a key factor of developing new quality productive forces. Ledman, a brand relying on technology for its success, always pursues technological innovation as the driver of development. Attaching great importance to the protection of enterprise intellectual property rights, it makes constant efforts to improve and strengthen its core competitiveness in pursuit of high-quality development.


So far, Ledman and its subsidiaries and holding subsidiaries have applied for nearly 800 patents, joining the formulation of 2 national standards, 2 industry standards, and more than 10 group standards in the LED industry. Furthermore, it has amassed over 100 COB-related patents, covering packaging method, production process, structure design, circuit design, pixel engine technology, and software algorithm of COB display products. It is also a participant in the formulation of “technical specification for indoor COB small/micro pitch LED display”.


In 2020, Ledman pioneered the industry in releasing pixel sharing engines technology based on COB, an advanced technology, and applied for related patents.  This patented technology is the key for its Micro LED UHD display to reduce pixel spacing, increase resolution, and reduce cost, proving effective in solving such common problems facing the industry as high cost, difficult mass production and low yield of Micro LED UHD display products. The pixel sharing engines technology, an important innovative product of Ledman, includes but is not limited to “RGB triangle arrangement, six light virtual pixels”, “RGBG rectangular arrangement, four light virtual pixels”, and a series of technologies.


Following heavy input in the R&D and improvement of pixel sharing engines technology, Ledman applied for patents of the technology in China, the United States, Japan, Australia, Canada, Europe and other countries and regions. The brand has been authorized by patent offices in many countries. And the technology has become one of the important intangible assets of Ledman.


Ledman’s patented technologies cover the structure, packaging, substrate, pixel arrangement, control, and interaction of Micro LED display products, and they are widely used in many display products of the brand.


Take LEDMAN LEDHUB Interactive Conference/Interactive Education AlO for example. Ledman puts the series under patent protection from packaging technology, screen structure, splicing structure, pixel arrangement, product function, product appearance and other aspects. It has applied for patents for “small touch large display”, “split screen writing” and other key technologies to solve the inconvenient operation of large-size all-in-one machines. Multiple computer software copyrights have been applied for to protect LEDMAN LEDHUB Interactive Conference AlO system software, Ledman interactive conference AlO system software with reduced control, code-scanning file-fast-transfer software self-adaptive to network environment, Ledman code-scanning control software, and Ledman smart whiteboard software. Ledman LEDPLAY household UHD COB giant video wall series are also powered by several core patented technologies of the brand.  


These innovative achievements have further enhanced the technological content of Ledman’s Micro LED UHD displays, raising its core competitiveness, and injecting impetus into the high-quality development of the brand. Ledman respects the intellectual property of others, and defends its own intellectual property. Together with its peers, Ledman works to create an industry development atmosphere that encourages mutual-respect for intellectual property and innovative achievements, promoting the healthy development of LED display industry.