Ledman’s COB Brand Offerings Sustained Their No. 1 Market Share Ranking throughout 2023


In the Chinese mainland market for LED small pitch COB (Chip-on-Board) technology, when measured by brand presence, Ledman secured the top spot in both sales revenue and volume within the industry. For three consecutive years, the company has held the number one market share position within the COB segment market. Ledman’s Micro LED ultra-high-definition display products, leveraging proprietary cutting-edge COB technology, have found widespread application across a multitude of sectors, including government emergency administration, smart cities, public security, prosecuting and justice, energy, communication, broadcasting, and many more. These offerings have empowered a vast array of industries, accumulating over 3,000 product implementation cases to date.


During 2023, the sales revenue growth rate from Ledman’s smart conference interaction display systems was notably robust, contributing an increasingly significant portion to the company’s overall income. Specifically, domestic sales of smart conference all-in-one machines surged by 189.2% compared to the previous year, while international sales of these products experienced an even more substantial increase of 339.3%.


Moreover, Ledman completed a private placement in last December, raising a total of RMB 461 million, which will be allocated towards the renovation and expansion of COB ultra-high-definition display projects as well as for replenishing working capital. Ledman stated that going forward, it will diligently advance the progression of the Micro LED ultra-high-definition display project funded through the recent capital raise, focusing on scaling up the industry, proactively driving its development towards higher-end, smarter, and greener technologies anchored in COB advancements.