New Products Unveiled! Ledman Torshare Shines at the 2024 Hong Kong International Lighting Fair (Spring Edition)

From April 6th to 9th, the 2024 Hong Kong International Lighting Fair took place at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center. Ledman Optoelectronics’ wholly-owned subsidiary, Torshare Technology (hereinafter referred to as “Ledman Torshare”), made its debut with a dual booth setup, showcasing a series of premium products including industrial lighting, outdoor lighting, indoor lighting, and more. The spotlight was on several new products making their first appearance, such as the new DOB scheme UFO industrial lights, LED corridor lights, LED frame lights, and LED waterproof lights, drawing significant attention.

The Hong Kong International Lighting Fair (Spring Edition) presented a range of intelligent lighting products and solutions, including interconnected lighting technology, human-centric lighting, sustainable lighting solutions, innovative lighting design, and smart building lighting. The Ledman Torshare booth, in line with the fair’s theme of “Smart Lighting”, showcased the company’s technological prowess and innovation in the LED lighting field.

Numerous innovative LED products showcased by Ledman Torshare garnered attention from visitors, who flocked to the booth for inquiries and demonstrations. Additionally, Ledman Torshare’s LED lighting intelligent sensing control solutions tailored to customer needs became a highlight of the event, generating continuous customer interest and inquiries at the bustling booth.

The LED streetlight zone prominently featured the 8th generation shoebox lights, featuring a die-cast aluminum structure with finned heat dissipation design for ruggedness and longevity. With a sleek appearance and high-quality corrosion-resistant materials, modular lens design allows for customizable light distribution as per site requirements. Furthermore, it supports various intelligent control solutions including light sensing and infrared sensing, catering to diverse outdoor lighting scenarios such as roads and sports fields.

Tailored to meet specific needs such as high-temperature resistance, self-cleaning, and excellent heat dissipation, Ledman Torshare developed specialty industrial lights. While maintaining high efficiency, these lights support microwave sensing and Bluetooth functions, with smartphone app control for dimming, switching, and timing. Bluetooth Mesh networking enables multi-lamp control, widely applied in industrial plants, workshops, warehouses, and sports venues.

Ledman Torshare’s ninth-generation fully luminous linear industrial lights, showcased at the event, feature high-quality cold-rolled steel plates with rust-proof and oil-resistant treatment, ensuring a rust-free lifespan of 8-10 years for indoor use. Equipped with radar sensing and 0-10V dimming, the lights operate intelligently, turning on when people are present and off when they leave, promoting energy efficiency. The option for microwave or infrared control offers flexibility, while the ultra-thin and lightweight design reduces transportation and storage costs, achieving a perfect balance of aesthetics and performance.

The exhibition will continue until April 9th. We warmly welcome all customers to visit Ledman Torshare’s booth at the 2024 Hong Kong International Lighting Fair (Spring Edition).

2024 Hong Kong International Lighting Fair (Spring Edition)

April 6th – April 9th

Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center

Ledman Torshare’s Booths:

1st Floor: 1E-D14

3rd Floor: 3C-D06

We look forward to welcoming you at the Ledman Torshare booth!