Preemptive to marvel at ISLE highlights – double-booth linkage LED display by Ledman and APEXLS

ISLE 2024, a grand LED industry exhibition, is to be held during February 29 – March 2 at Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center (Bao’an New Hall). Ledman will amaze the exhibition at Booth No. B01, Hall 7, and its holding subsidiary APEXLS at Booth F01, Hall 6. Together with leading enterprises in the whole industrial chain and new enterprises in the industry, Ledman and APEXLS are ready to present the LED industry development trend, treating many customers at home and abroad to a visual feast of the display industry.


▲ Booth B01, Hall 7 for Ledman


▲ Booth F01, Hall 6 for APEXLS



Full series, full scene, full coverage



Ledman is set to put Booth B01, Hall 7 under the limelight with its “full series, full scene, full coverage” Micro LED display products, delivering to visitors a multi-dimensional and immersive experience of different scenarios of display applications. Present at the exhibition will be Ledman’s flagship products such as 8K Micro LED UHD energy-saving cold screen and 8K Micro LED UHD display, as well as 138-inch Interactive Conference AlO, 165-inch interactive education AIO, and 163-inch Micro LED UHD household giant video wall, and new X series indoor display.



At the ISLE, Ledman will arrange several gold medal docents in the booth to give visitors a multi-dimensional scene depth experience of its innovative technology, performance advantages, product services and application value, exposing them to the allure of cutting-edge Micro LED display products and solutions of Ledman.



Eye-catching collective display



APEXLS will highlight Booth F01, Hall 6 with a number of star products in the field of creative display, providing diversified LED display system solutions for commercial complex, XR virtual shooting, exhibition, cultural tourism, flying theater, smart city construction and security command.


At the exhibition site will erect a large immersive inner ball screen experience scene, which powered by inner ball screen display, naked eye effect, dynamic simulation and other technologies, allows on-site live experience. The collective display of products that deeply integrates creativity with LED display technology, such as outdoor surface-sticking HD screen, indoor HD small pitch screen, XR virtual shooting screen and LED telescopic ball, LED rotating screen, LED transparent screen, outdoor screen, LOGO word, small cylindrical screen, and spherical screen will prove a wonderful visual feast to customers and audiences around the world.



Wonderful events plus gifts


In addition, Ledman will launch cloud visit exhibition activities to give online audience an immersive live experience and keep them abreast of the latest developments and product advantages of Ledman. And a variety of wonderful interactive activities and exquisite gifts are awaiting you! Please continue to follow Ledman Official Account for immediate access to the brand’s exhibition activities information.



Your honored presence expected


ISLE 2024

Date: February 29 – March 2

Venue: Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center (Bao’an New Hall)

Ledman booth: 7-B01

APEXLS booth: 6-F01