Riding the Wave of Success, Progressing with Determination | A Glimpse into Ledman’s Achievements in 2023

Celebrating Six Years of Mass Production for Ledman COB Display Products

The first project has been successfully operational for six years, requiring zero maintenance

★Consistently earning unanimous praise from customers

★Ledman COB maintains its position as the market leader

★Honored among the 1st Batch Manufacturing Champion in Individual Fields



★Delivering a remarkable 50% in energy savings complemented by superior six-star protection

★Suitable for ‘All’ scenarios, offering unmatched versatility

★Widely implemented across numerous industries



★Another Breakthrough in Micro LED Technology by Ledman

★Following the introduction of Ledman Pixel Sharing Engines (PSE) Display Technology in 2020

★In 2023,Ledman proudly unveiled the world’s first PM Glass Substrate Micro LED display

★This pioneering PM Glass Substrate Micro LED display technology from Ledman has captured significant attention in the industry



★Focusing on the Conference and Education Sectors: Two Hundred-Billion-Dollar Markets

★Expanding the reach of Ledman’s Intelligent Conference All-in-One (AIO) systems into international markets

★Implementing trial programs in ‘hundreds’ of schools, integrating deeply into higher education systems

★Driving the advancement of digitalization in both conference and educational technologies



★Our creative concept features a separate screen and magic box design

★Achieving an unprecedented 100% screen-to-body ratio, unlocking N+1 possibilities for home entertainment

★Launching over ten sales and experience centers in eight cities

★Including Shenzhen, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Nanjing, Hangzhou, Chengdu, and others.



★Expanding Intellectual Property in the LED Ultra-High Definition Video Display Sector

★Successfully filed for 486 patents

★Securing close to 90 patents specifically related to COB technology

★Our PSE technology has been recognized with numerous national and international patents



★Domestic Roadshows: Collaborating and Advancing with Partners

★Embarking on a journey spanning 8068 kilometers

★Engaging with more than 2000 clients from various industry sectors

★Conducting a 68-day tour featuring 8 themed roadshow events

★Showcasing 4 premier application solutions in the display industry



★Fast-Tracking International Marketing Efforts

★Establishing 4 new overseas offices or subsidiaries

★Expanding our presence in key global cities: Tokyo, Dubai, Orlando (USA), and Rotterdam (Netherlands)

★Further broadening Ledman’s global marketing network



★Successfully executed a targeted additional share issue in the capital market

★Conducted a non-public offering of 70 million new shares

★Attracted nearly 1.5 times the anticipated subscription rate

★Ultimately raised 460 million yuan to fund further development



★The 163-Inch 8K UHD Micro LED Giant Video Wall

★Selected by the China Media Group for their 8K Ultra High Definition Video,

★Production and Broadcasting Platform Exclusively