What is Ledman Pixel Sharing Engines Technology?

Article from LEDinside

The Pixel Sharing Engines Technology, through hardware and software innovation, sees the pixel pitch reduced by 50%, the resolution increased by 4 times, and a balance between the cost and resolution of the display product struck. As regards hardware, the hardware arrangement of the LED chip is changed from the traditional RGB arrangement to RGBG arrangement, by adding a green LED chip according to the theory of spatial color mixing and the visual characteristics of human eyes. On this basis, the combination of sub-pixel multiplexing technology and sub-pixel sampling technology, plus up, down, left and right subpixel multiplexing, produces four virtual pixels, theoretically increasing the resolution by a factor of four. As for software, a special optimization algorithm for super-COB matching RGBG arrangement is adopted to improve display product clarity, reduce color errors, and restore the original image.

Pixel Sharing Engines Technology allows the addition of a small number of LED chips to the structure of 2K products, theoretically realizing the effect of 4K products, with the result that both the amount of LED chips and the production cost of Micro LED display products greatly drop. Ledman’s pioneering breakthroughs in technology have been widely recognized by the industry. In June 2021, Ledman saw its Pixel Sharing Engines Technology win the “2021 ISLE Technology Achievement Award” for its innovation and advancement. Now, the Pixel Sharing Engines Technology has been widely used in a number of Ledman’s COB display products.

What measures has Ledman taken to protect Ledman Pixel Sharing Engines Technology?

In 2020, after several years of dedicated research, Ledman applied for patent protection and computer software copyright protection for the “Pixel Sharing Engines Technology”. And the same year saw Ledman obtain the patent certificate and computer software copyright registration certificate from the China National Intellectual Property Administration (CNIPA). In July 2020, Ledman held a press conference to release the “Ledman Micro LED Pixel Sharing Engines Technology”, announcing mass production of the 0.79mm and 0.63mm pitch Micro LED UHD displays, which are based on COB integrated encapsulation technology and uses Pixel Sharing Engines Technology.

Ledman has applied for Pixel Sharing Engines Technology patents in China and many overseas countries. Thanks to the intensive input in the R&D of LED display technology and extensive patent layout of LED products, Ledman has more than 460 granted and pending patents.

Ledman has reserved a number of patent technologies for pixel arrangement and pixel structure, forming a large patent pool. These technologies, which are key to the smaller pixel pitch, higher resolution, and lower cost of Ledman’s Micro LED UHD display products, play an important role in solving the common problems of high cost, difficult mass production and low yield faced by Micro LED UHD display products in the industry.
What is Ledman’s patent layout in LED commercial displays?
In commercial displays, Ledman’s patent layout consists of encapsulation technology, interactive technology, and display control technology, and the patent portfolio covers product appearance, display structure, COB encapsulation, pixel arrangement, screen control, human-computer interaction and many other aspects. Ledman has patented several inventions for the function of LED conference displays and the application of screen control.
Specifically, to address the problems that large-sized Micro LED conference display is beyond the operator’s touch range and inconvenient to operate, Ledman invented a series of human-computer interaction technologies such as “small touch and large display”, solving the pain points.
How does Ledman see intellectual property protection?
“To protect intellectual property is to protect innovation.” Here at Ledman, innovation is extremely important to the company’s technological development, and intellectual property is an important intangible asset of the company, the result of the company’s technological development, and the crystallization of the wisdom of Ledman people. Ledman has won the “China Patent Excellence Award” twice, and is a national intellectual property advantage enterprise and an intellectual property demonstration enterprise in Guangdong Province. By far, Ledman has extensively protected its intellectual property from patents, trademarks, copyrights and other perspectives. As an active participant in the development of LED display standards, Ledman respects the intellectual property of others and takes care to protect its own intellectual property.
Only when it is respected by everyone can intellectual property continuously promote the progress of technology, and the healthy development of the LED display industry. Therefore, players in the industry must respect each other’s intellectual property in product development and product sales to avoid infringement incidents, and jointly promote the healthy development of the domestic COB display industry.