Why Micro-LED Display Is The Perfect New LED DisplayTechnology- Ledman

Micro-LED Display is a technology with great potential. It could change the world we live in. With the development of the times, people have higher and higher requirements for vision, which promotes the use of LED display screen tends to be high-definition, which means that Mirco LED display products have a huge demand space for development, and will be accepted and popularized by more people.



The Micro-LED display offers better brightness and contrast levels

Ledman has 8 years of experience in Micro LED research and development. In 2018, Ledman successfully released and mass-produced 8K Micro LED UHD display products using COB integrated packaging technology.The Micro-LED display has quite a higher level of brightness and contrast. This technology also has a higher refresh rate, which means it can be used with faster response times than traditional LEDs. The Micro-LED display also offers a wider color gamut and dynamic range compared to the traditional LED panels. 

The miniature LED display screen has higher protection. The Micro LED display based on COB (chip on board) technology is characterized by high quality, high resolution, high protection and extremely low pixel failure rate. COB, also known as chip direct placement technology, refers to the process of directly pasting the bare chip on the printed circuit board, then wire bonding, and then using organic glue to protect the chip and the lead. Compared with the conventional process, this process has the advantages of high packaging density and simple process.The Micro-LED Displays are made up of a series of LED chips that are arranged in rows and columns. Since the Micro LED display is composed of multiple display panels, its size is not limited compared to traditional LCD products, and customers can customize the size they need. 



Why You Should Go With Ledman

The LED display industry has been in a state of continuous development and innovation for many years. Micro-LED displays are the latest technology to enter the market and have been given considerable attention by the industry and consumers.

Focusing on high-tech LED products, Ledman has established a full range of LED product ecology and solution systems, including Micro LED UHD display products based on COB advanced technology, Ledman LEDHUB intelligent conference display system, Ledman giant screen LEDPLAY, LED intelligent lighting, and LED creative display. In the future development of enterprises, we will continue to strictly control product quality, strengthen product research and development, improve production efficiency, and strive to make products reach the international advanced level!

The company always adheres to the principle of “Quality First” and takes customer satisfaction as its goal. There are a lot of benefits of buying from this company as their products come at affordable prices that are very competitive compared to other companies that offer similar services. They have a strong and professional after-sales team, which makes your installation process easier and after-sales more secure.