Witness the Power of Shenzhen Brands! Ledman Received Multiple Honors, Including “International Renowned Brand”

On May 9th, the grand opening ceremony of the 8th “Shenzhen (Greater Bay Area) International Brand Week” and the 2024 Chinese Brand Day · Shenzhen Local Specialty Event took place at the Shenzhen Broadcasting Building. With the theme “Exploring Infinite Future of Brands”, this year’s Brand Week revealed the achievements of the 10th “International Renowned Brand”, “Shenzhen Top Brand”, and “The Greater Bay Area Top Brand” among others.


Multiple Brand Honors Received


Ledman, renowned for its exceptional capabilities and global influence in the field of LED UHD displays, received several honors including the 10th “International Renowned Brand”, “The Greater Bay Area Top Brand”, “Shenzhen Top Brand”, and “Outstanding Brand Building Enterprise”. Ms. Zhang Long, Director of the Marketing Department at Ledman, was honored as an “Outstanding Brand Building Figure”.



Shenzhen is the only city in the country that has been promoting brand building for over 20 years, giving rise to numerous high-quality brands with strong innovation and high development standards. In accordance with the Shenzhen Government Document No. 64 [2003], the Shenzhen Federation of Industrial Economics, with guidance and assistance from relevant municipal departments, has jointly conducted the Shenzhen Top Brand Evaluation Activity in collaboration with government, society, media, industry, academia, and research institutions. This initiative has been ongoing for 21 years, yielding significant results. Additionally, to promote the internationalization of Shenzhen brands, the Shenzhen Top Brand Evaluation Committee and the United Nations Industrial Development Organization have jointly announced the “International Renowned Brand” for ten consecutive years.


Enterprises selected as “International Renowned Brands” must possess self-owned brands with high international recognition, outstanding international business performance, significant market share or strong market position in the international market, excellent product or service quality, leading key performance indicators in the international industry, strong continuous innovation capabilities, and core independent intellectual property rights.



As a high-tech listed company specializing in the LED UHD display field, Ledman not only leads the industry in LED display product innovation and R&D but also emphasizes deep development in product application feasibility, application innovation, and application value. Ledman currently holds the highest market share in the LED fine-pitch COB display market.


To date, Ledman and its subsidiaries have applied for nearly 800 patents and participated in the formulation of 2 national standards, 2 industry standards, and over 10 group standards within the LED industry. Ledman is also recognized as a “Low Carbon Pioneer” for its green environmental actions. The Ledman COB UHD energy-saving cold screen series, utilizing its patented Pixel Sharing Engines Technology and unique COB packaging process, can save 50% more energy compared to similar products, achieving a breakthrough in high image quality and low-carbon sustainability, which has been well received by the market and customers.


Receiving these honors demonstrates Ledman’s outstanding achievements in brand building and its significant contributions to establishing Shenzhen’s leading brands. It also signifies the brand’s recognition in the international market. Ledman will further enhance its core brand competitiveness and international influence, providing superior products and services to global customers and promoting Chinese brands to the world.