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Ledman Optoelectronic HZ Co.,Ltd

  • Ledman Optoelectronic HZ Co., Ltd., located in HZZK Hi-tech Industrial Zone, is a wholly owned subsidiary of Ledman Optoelectronic Co., Ltd. It covers a gross area of more than 50,000 square meters and a building area of about 100,000 square meters. The first-stage construction included one comprehensive administrative building, two production buildings, two dormitory buildings, green belt, staff entertainment areas and other related devices. And according to plan, the second-stage construction will include two production buildings and two dormitory buildings, the building area of which will be around 41,000 square meters. The overall investment was about 5 million USD. This strong financial base formed a solid foundation for Ledman’s business development and supported its rapid capacity expansion and revenue growth in recent years.
  • Ledman Optoelectronic HZ Co., Ltd. obtains a current yearly capacity of 1.63 billion pieces of LED components, 30,200 square meters of LED display and 82,800 pieces of LED lighting products. It is Ledman’s important R&D and production base of middle and high end LED products. At present, there are several projects of consequence under implementation, such as “High Brightness LED Component Extension Project”, “High-end LED Display & LED Energy Saving Products Extension Project” and “Production Base Construction and High-end LED Series Products Industrialization Project”. Among them, “High Brightness LED Component Extension Project” and “High-end LED Display & LED Energy Saving Products Extension Project” are identified by Huizhou Government as key projects in Huizhou Modern Industrial Top 100 Projects, and recognized by Guangdong Province as key projects in Accumulative Development of High-Tech Industry Pilot Projects.