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Ledman: Accelerates the Micro LED Video Conferencing Market via COB Technology Innovation


Ledman: Accelerates the Micro LED Video Conferencing Market via COB Technology Innovation

Source: LEDinside The video conferencing market is developing rapidly after the epidemic outbreak. How should LED manufacturers grasp the opportunity under this context? Ledman has launched COB-based UHD Micro LED displays on top of the 100-inch or above LED conference display market, and facilita…

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  • 2020-08-17

    Products and Companies Winning SID CDIA Awards in the Product Category

    Source: International Information Display Society SID The China Display Industry Award (CDIA) is the awards for the best display products, display component products and display application products by SID China for the products listed in the previous year. For the prototype of innovative technology…

  • 2020-08-12

    Ledman LED has an Outstanding Advantage in the Industrial Chain from Packaging to App Integration

    Source: Consumer Daily As new applications such as smart cities and remote office are constantly emerging and developing, the LED industry witnesses a huge market space accompanied by intensified industry competition. Currently, excellent local LED enterprises are expected to give full play to their…

  • 2020-07-24

    Ledman COB UHD Display Unveiled in Korean Cultural Center

    Recently, Ledman COB UHD display was unveiled in the cultural center of Quanri Building, Kwangju, South Korea. Kwangju is an important cultural and artistic town in the southwest of South Korea, where numerous cultural and artistic events have been held. Brand events enjoy a high reputation, includi…

  • 2020-07-23

    Ultimate·Breakthrough - Ledman Micro LED SuperCOB Technology News Conference Completed

    On the afternoon of July 20, Ledman New Technology News Conference was held solemnly in the headquarters of Ledman Optoelectronic Co., Ltd. in Shenzhen. At the conference with the theme of "UltimateBreakthrough", Ledman officially released the Ledman Micro LED SuperCOB Technology , and anno…

  • 2020-07-14

    Ledman COB provides model solution to display for highway information center

    The Information Command Center of the Integrated Expressway Network of Fujian is a multi-level and multi-functional joint decision-making center for monitoring, analyzing, mining, demonstrating and reporting the comprehensive data of expressway network. Recently, the Ledman COB UHD display screen wi…